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Posted by: Penny Strickland on 04 Oct 2003
Subject: Radio Show
  Dear Mr. Tesh,

I enjoy your radio show very much. I found you just last month when I began taking saturday morning walks. Now I deliberately schedule my walks so I can gain intelligence while attempting to become more physically fit. I apply what I learn on your show to my work and to my life. I especially like to statement you made last week about working harder than I think, accomplishing more than I know, and giving myself extra points for just showing up. As a parent of three children with cerebral palsy and a parent consultant, I need that kind of encouragement.

Thank you for creating such a good, clean, and intelligent program that actually benefits those who listen.


Penny Strickland
Posted by: Mark F on 04 Oct 2003
Subject: Red Rocks Show
  Mr. Tesh,

Please accept our warmest thanks for the free show at Red Rocks on Friday, 10/3. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. We were also privileged to sing with you at Cherry Hills Community Church. My two children and I sing in the choir at CHCC and I know you understand how great it is to worship with your family.

My family would love to see you make the Red Rocks show an annual event. I know we could pack the place with advanced notice.

Most of all, thx for being a beacon of his light in the world.

With great appreciation,

Posted by: Candace Cheney on 03 Oct 2003
Subject: Bring Me To Life
  I am a total fan of you're radio show. I'm learning so many new things on how to live healthier. It's fantastic. I'm 20 living in Lompoc, California. I work at a Golf Course Cafe' right now and go to school but I am joining the Air Force. Just a little bit about me. :) Anyways, I love the song 'I can only imagine' on the Deeper Faith 2 CD it's touching. When I first heard the song 'Bring Me To Life' on you're show I didn't even know it was a different version of Evanescence's song. It sounded different but it took a few times hearing it for me to realize it. Sometimes a song is so good you dont listen to the words you just let the feeling of the song touch your soul. Anyone know what I mean? Anyways, I still love Evanescence but that song was good too.
Posted by: Debbie Shannon on 03 Oct 2003
Subject: Red Rocks Concert-10/02/03
  Mr. Tesh, my mom and I were at your concert at Red Rocks last night, it was her birthday present. You and your band were amazing. Never (before last night) have I ever been to a concert that inspired me so much and gave me such uplifting feelings. After your show we came back underneath the stage and met you. Thank you so much for the opportunity and your gift of allowing us to worship with you last night. My mom will remember this experience forever and so will I. You are very talented, a genuine person and truly a gift from God. God Bless You!
Posted by: Reiner (the pieman) Sluwich on 03 Oct 2003
Subject: apple pies and such
Last week on your show you mentioned something about improving your diet with modest portions of apple pies. I didn't catch all the information. I wonder if you might be able to repeat it as I have a particular interest in apple pies being champ of the tri-county area 3 years running.
Posted by: Cleo Z. on 02 Oct 2003
Subject: Song recently played ....
  I enjoy listening to your show on a daily basis and would very much like to know who is the artist that sings the more pleasant version of "Bring Me To Life" that you play. Thanks!!
Reply: That would be the John Tesh version featuring Windy Wagner on vocals off of his new CD, A Deeper Faith II. You can find it in stores everywhere or you can purchase it right here at
Posted by: Frank Horne on 02 Oct 2003
Subject: Hi John!

Hello my brother! Just wanted to send my warmest wishes for your concert in Denver tonight. Sorry I'm not there in person to enjoy the experience with you.

You and the entire crew will be in my prayers tonight. May the Lord be praised.

In Him,
Franklin Horne
Posted by: k rhoades on 02 Oct 2003
Subject: blueberries
  i heard something about blueberries and magnesium on the show and have not been able to find further information can someone help. how much, when, how often, etc.
Posted by: Nancy Labaki on 02 Oct 2003
Subject: first timer and cd
  Hi, I'm a first time listener. Last night while driving to the library to return books I was surfing the stations and came across John Tesh show. I really enjoyed it so much that when I arrived I sat in the car and continued to listen. I also heard that if my email is picked I can receive a Deeper Faith 2 CD. I would love to have one now that I heard the show I hope I can find it again on the radio. I think it was about 7pm when I tuned in. I am going to ck your other pages to find out what time you are on the other stations. Again, I really enjoyed listening and your choices of cd's to play on the air. Some were so refreshing that I actually said outloud, "I missed hearing that song".
Thanks, Nancy
Posted by: monica hagan-phipps on 01 Oct 2003
Subject: thank you!
  mr. tesh , i would like to thank you for such a wonderful radio show. i listen faithfully everyday. i love your show because you play some of the music of when i was a little girl. my parents loved easy listening music, as well as blues and jazz. within the past 2 years i lost both of my parents. it has been devastating. i lost two of the best friends i have ever known and ever will. however, God has blessed me for 11 years with the most beautiful man i have ever known-my husband anthony. he has been a rock for me during these tough times. my love for him grows stronger everyday. , with him is the best time of my life. could you please play-"unforgettable" by nat king cole. for my parents and my husband.

thank you so much

owensboro, kentucky
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