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Posted by: Jennifer Esquivel on 25 Feb 2006
Subject: Keep up the good work John!
  Hi John! I recently moved from Chicago to the Las Vegas area. We had an eighties station but they cancelled it for some unknown reason. Since I moved to the Las Vegas area, whenever I'm in my car after 8pm, I always tune in to your radio show because not only do you play eighties music but your words are refreshing and really brighten up my day! I have honestly never heard a radio station like yours! Keep up the good work!!
Posted by: Coty Thomas on 24 Feb 2006
  Hey John.
Im 14 years old and I live in Wayne County(Ohio). I love your show and the intelegence for school and health. I listen to your show every day while I am doing homework or relaxing after school (I am a Freshman). Great show! Keep up the hard work!! Good Luck!! :)

Posted by: Chris Bailey on 23 Feb 2006
Subject: You are the #1's best
  Hey John Tesh, I really enjoy your show and all of your ideas you give everyone! I sure wish you were on 24/7! My mom loves listening to your show and she really likes you! You do give your pure intelligence to me and it sure really helps alot! Thanks for all of your ideas and you make me laugh!

Sincerely Yours,

Chris Bailey
Posted by: Mya  Clay on 23 Feb 2006
Subject: Thanks for the guidance!

Hi John,

How are you? My name is Mya and i live in Montana. I listen to your show everynight, i have even got the rest of my family to listen also. They also love you. I am 21 years old, i am terminally ill, i have been since i was born, so being sick prevents me from doing the things that people my age are doing like going to college. So when i feel down, i just sit and listen to your show, it really brings light to me. Its nice to hear someone talk that also has the Lord in there heart, cause i don't really know what i would do without Him in my life. Anyway thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. Your are truely a wonderful person. Keep up the great work. God bless you and your family always. Sincerely Mya Clay
Posted by: D C on 22 Feb 2006
Subject: Great Show! Best Radio Show on the Air!
  Hey John,
Love the Intelligence for Your Life!!!
Keep'em coming!!!!
Be encouraged!!!!

Posted by: ryan wolf on 21 Feb 2006
Subject: hey john
  dear john not only is your show great but it is inspiring. I'm in 10th grade and I tell everyone about your show . All the facts I cant get enough. I never stop talking about it..soon the whole school will be listening to john tesh. keep up the good work


p.s. can you play some more billy joel
Posted by: Sara Connett on 21 Feb 2006
Subject: I love your show!
  I am only 13 years old, and I love listening to your radio show every day during the week. I wish it was on on the weekends too, because I miss listening to it on Saturday and Sunday nights. Not only do you play great music, but you also provide me with great facts that I tell my family and friends.

Posted by: Emmie Wingert on 15 Feb 2006
  Just posting a note to say how much this ole 65 year old lady enjoys your program, comments, gentle voice and kind attitude on your radio show. Even my grown up sons love to listen when they are travelling and always looking for those tips you give us. I think I'm missing you on my regular Warm 103.3 station out of Lancaster, Pa. Therefore the search for your show lead me to your web-site. Keep up the good work.
Posted by: Rory Mac on 15 Feb 2006
Subject: hi!
  hey John i just wanted to say that i think your show is so cool! I listen to it most of the day and all the tips and music you play is great! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: meg hein on 14 Feb 2006
Subject: thanks
  Sup? I'm megan. Thanks for playing my favorite songs. I listen everyday when i do my homework. I've noticed it helps me get my homework done faster and I get better grades when I listen. It also helps to calm my nerves when I've had a rough day at school. once again I thank you.

Luv megan
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