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Posted by: lisa babineau on 05 Mar 2004
Subject: thanks
  I LOVE YOUR SHOW! YOUR THE BEST! I listen to it every night...and i tell everyone i know about it. Have taken your advice and it really gives one something to think about...making me analyze life a little more.
Talking about getting out of a rut?

I moved here from the Collingwood area 5 years ago because i fell deeply in love with someone...only for it to fall through....I made the best of a bad situation and stayed. Working hard...but making little money and no family here..i began suffering from depression..and couldn't get out of all the sadness in my life. Through encouragement and support of friends I finally decided at the age of 34 to quit my job and go back to school full time to upgrade my career but in doing so moving closer to my sister..the only family i have left...who lives 2 hours away!

No sense complaining if your not going to do anything about it!
Posted by: Debbie Starling on 05 Mar 2004
Subject: "Chaos Magnets"
I was listening to your show on March 1. You read a report about people who are "Chaos Magnets". I would like to know where you got this information. I think it would be very helpful with something I am dealing with. Thanks for your time, Debbie
Posted by: Charlotte Parker on 05 Mar 2004
Subject: veggie tales videos
  A co-worker told me about your show. I had never listened before, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. She mentioned something about veggie tales videos. My daughter just loves the Veggie Tales. Please enter me to win. Thank you
Posted by: Kay Khanu on 05 Mar 2004
Subject: Veggie Tales
  I love listening to your show, the music is great and so is the conversation. It just heard about the Veggie Tales Video. My kids love veggie tales, my 3 yr old keeps saying "in coming" and thinks she is Larry Boy.Please enter me into the drawing. Thanks.

Thanks for a great late night radio show.
Posted by: Danielle Landry on 04 Mar 2004
Subject: Veggie Tales Easter
  I am a huge fan of Veggie tales they are the best could you enter me, (PLEASE) or at least tell me how to enter. By the way I love the advice you give; it really is helpful.
Posted by: Annette olmo on 04 Mar 2004
  I love your show......Yes finally INTELLIGENT RADIO free from the crap and horrible messages of todays "popular" music. Love the information, love your sense of humor. It's exactly what is needed. I listened to it with my sister and she loved it too. I'm trying to get everyone I know to tune in.
Posted by: Charles Thornton on 03 Mar 2004
Subject: Veggie Tale Video
  I was listening to your great show tonight and you mentioned about a Veggie tale Video that was going to be given out. Please enter me into that drawing. Thanks for the very entertaining ang quality radio programming.
Posted by: Pam Collins on 03 Mar 2004
Subject: Information discused on radio show
  Dear John,

I don't always get a chance to hear you show because of shift work.

On the days that I miss I feel like theres something missing from my day.

I'd like it if I could get copies of your information you share on the show.

Thank you
Pam Collins
Reply: Pam,

You can always get the info that John discusses on his radio show by going to the radio show page here at Click on the radio show button on the left and when you get to that page, scroll down and you'll see links and all the great info that John discusses on the show. We're in the process of building a new sleeker radio show page so check back soon to see the exciting changes.

Posted by: Alan Razzoli on 03 Mar 2004
Subject: What was the name of that song?
  John I was listening to your show on March 2, 2004 and you played a song for a guy that called in that was married for 2 years. What was the name of that song? I think it was about 9:30pm or 10pm between that. I would appreciate it to know that song for one of my friend's who is getting married. And I would like to say that I think your show is great.


Reply: Alan, do you have any idea of the lyrics of the song? Because the show airs nationwide what is 9:30 & 10 pm for you could be a different time for others and hard for us to just go by the time frame. Any more info is helpful.
Posted by: Sandy Smith on 02 Mar 2004
Subject: Veggie Tales!
  Please enter me into the drawing for the Veggie Tales Easter. I heard about it on your show and I would love to have it. If there is another way I need to enter please let me know!
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